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KOWA CO., LTD. started business in 1965. Since that time, while we have expanded our efforts in the areas of social responsibility and social contribution, we have come to appreciate our many valued customers even more. Here we introduce our company information and our ideas and concepts. We ask that you take a look and get a better understanding of our company.

Greetings from the President

Japan has entered the era of an aging society which has not been previously experienced by any other country in the world.
On the other hand, Japan is not alone in the progression of an aging society. By 2030, it is expected that not only advanced Western nations but also emerging countries will follow this trend. The world has a keen eye on Japan to see what model of economic growth and social safety net the country will adopt during the era of an aging society.

Accordingly, it is the "Industrial Structure Vision" which was launched by the government to lay the foundation for growth strategies. "Industrial Structure Vision" promotes the reinforcement of five strategic fields and one is the field of "medical care, nursing care, health and childcare services."

It is certain that demands for services will expand and diversify in the fields of medical care, nursing care and life support corresponding to the decreased living ability of individuals accompanying an aging society and that a large support system will be required in terms of security and safety in daily life surrounding the elderly.

Based on the above background, we, the KOWA Group, will realize the following corporate philosophy of a "general welfare equipment manufacturer":
We shall instill "love, admiration and courage" for tomorrow's smiles.
It shall be our aim to manufacture products that will make people feel happy and enrich their hearts.
We shall not only deliver products of the highest quality, satisfying the needs of customers, but also perform social responsibilities of a "public institution" along with the development of business activities.

We would like to have your continued support.

President and COO: Hideaki Tamada



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