CSR of KOWA Group

We, KOWA Group, aim at improvement and enhancement of social life through production and distribution activities, which we believe are CSR activities. We promote CSR activities in order to solidify the trust among all stakeholders through corporate activities and contribute to sustainable development of society.

Message from President

The KOWA Group believes the essence of "corporate social responsibility" is compliance.
Management and employees carry out thorough compliance in their operations and in order to make the workplace pure.
It is my belief that job satisfaction of employees and the ability to respond to the expectations of society and the trust from all stakeholders will be derived from there.
It has been our aim to advance our business by manufacturing products that will make users happy and enrich their hearts for tomorrow's smiles.
We will continue to expand our activities that correspond to the challenges and expectation of society based on the above philosophy.

Representative Director, President: Hideaki Tamada

Code of Conduct