TacaoF's "Bedding Goods" Lineup focusing on texture and comfortable usage.

Bedding goods and clothing mainly worn during rest directly touching the body, should be clean and comfortable goods.
We focus on materials, texture, and comfortable usage and incorporate kind compassion both for the caretaker and the cared.

Bedding Goods

Products for Movement

This belt supports movement when standing up from bed, and transferring to a wheelchair or onto a toilet seat.
The belt reduces the burden on both the caretaker and the cared, and assists in enhanced safety care.

Waterproof Sheet

Our waterproof sheet prevents bedding and mattresses from getting stained due to urine leaks and sweat. Recommended for those who have trouble making it to the toilet on time or for preventing diaper leaks.

Bedsore Prevention Goods

By applying this product between bedding and the body, or between the legs, body pressure is distributed to prevent concentration of pressure on parts of the body.
Serves as a muscles relaxer, and reduces the burden on those who spend a great deal of time in bed and cannot turn over in bed.


Our clothing makes it easy for those who typically have difficulty putting on or taking off clothing. Increases the feeling of security and the soft texture adds to a relaxed feel.

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