Lineup of TacaoF "Bath" Goods that play an active role in a bathroom.

Bath Shower ChairBathtub FootstepBathtub Hand RailBath Care BeltBathtub Board

  1. Shower Chair

    This is recommended for those who have difficulty in holding a posture in bathing area and feel a burden when standing up and sitting down. Keep the height of the seat surface and the bathtub wall at the same level to allow the user to safely get in and get out of the bathtub.

  2. Bathtub Footstep

    Elimination of height differences between the bottom of a bathtub and bathing area reduces the burden on the body and makes it easier to get in and get out of the bathtub. As it can be used as a stool in the bathtub, the user can keep a stable posture.

  3. Bathtub Hand Rail

    Supports the bather and allows the bather to keep a stable posture when getting in and getting out of the bathtub. As it is directly attached to the wall, it prevents falling over. As it is directly attached to the bathtub wall, it can be attached to a place where a hand rail cannot be fixed.

  4. Bath Care Belt

    Belt for reducing a burden when taking a bath. Even while naked in a bath room with only a few places to hold, safe care is possible.

  5. Bathtub Board

    As the bather can get in and get out of the bathtub in a seated position, he or she feels more secure with less burden on the caretaker.

Other Items Bathtub Mat