Our Efforts on Safety

Our product lineup has been expanding from silver cars to wheelchairs, walking canes and bath goods, etc., and many products that play an active role in daily life. It is our joy to meet with the smiles of customers that use our products. We also pay meticulous attention to safety so that we provide customers with great satisfaction together with smiles. Here we explain about our efforts on safety of our products.

Basic Policy on Product Safety

Quality First!!

KOWA CO., LTD. and its affiliated company (referred to below as the "Company") recognize that the most important task of management is to secure the safety of products manufactured and sold by the Company and "obtain the credibility of customers regarding safety." Our basic policy for product safety is as follows, make quality first thoroughly known and actively secure product safety.

1) Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Company complies with the matters provided for in the Consumer Products Safety Law and any other laws and regulations concerning product safety and this basic policy.

2) Establishment of Quality First Principle as Corporate Culture

Based on the basic policy, the Company establishes and promotes an autonomous action plan and conducts continuous improvements. We make efforts to continuously establish a corporate culture where the quality first principle derived from above leads to "respecting customers and securing product safety."

3) Quality Assurance for Securing Product Safety

The Company always conducts proper quality management in collaboration with each department to secure product safety and make efforts toward continuous improvements.

4) Collection and Disclosure of Product Accident Information

The Company actively collects information about accidents related to our products for customers and all those concerned and makes proper provision of information to customers and all those concerned.

5) Report and Response in Case of Product Accidents

The Company quickly confirms the facts based on laws and regulations when an accident involving our products has occured and submits a report promptly to customers and all those concerned with the appropriate information and take necessary actions, including recall of products.

Acquisition of ISO9001:2008 Certification

Thorough Safety

Quality Policy

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